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Social Procurement

Apricot Consulting is the only social procurement specialist firm in Australia with capability servicing the full lifecycle of social procurement, from education to implementation & advocacy.

Our process is best-practice, sophisticated and created in collaboration with a broad range of leading institutions and businesses.


Our vision is to make the world a better place through building industry capability in social procurement, and leveraging the immense influence businesses have for good through purchasing, procurement and supply chain.

As such, our work is aimed at self-redundancy, whereby both our clients’ and social benefit suppliers’ abilities are developed to create long-term and shared value partnerships.

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eLearn Program - Social Procurement

MSOGSSP01 - Driving Social Value Through Procurement

Apricot Consulting have teamed up with the University of Melbourne School of Government to create a simple and effective 1-hour training module in social procurement. Our course covers foundational elements of social procurement, including state-by-state legislation, best-practice  tips, real life examples and standardised definitions. 

Our tool can be applied organisation-wide, to procurement teams, or through individual licenses and affords an organisation confluence of understanding around the what, why and how.  

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As the prominence of ESG as a commercial driver increases in nearly every industry, a concerted approach, creative solutions and internal confluence is needed in greater measures to match the growing complexity of requirements, compliance and excellence. 

Apricot is able to offer a concise and tactical suite of services that help organisations identify and action next steps in ESG risk mitigation, and realise high impact ESG opportunities. Services can be strung together, or applied flexibly to suit specific needs.

Four key phases of our ESG capability

Light & lean assessments of material risks and opportunities in ESG aimed at identifying immediate priorities and next steps.


Development of macro and micro-strategies and action plans. This can also include stakeholder alignment, development of best-practices, production of business cases and stakeholder / executive buy-in.


Implementation of key strategic initiatives, programs and partnerships. This can include ongoing support with governance, reporting and program development. 


Bespoke training kilted to the specific context of your organisation. This can include set modules on the Foundations of ESG, Modern Slavery, Culture Change, or CSR and Social Impact. This is accomplished in partnership with our executive leadership division, with programs available for executive teams and boards.

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Head of Corporate Social Sustainability

James McHugh is a qualified social worker and is currently completing a Master of Social Impact at Swinburne University.


He leads the corporate social impact department of Apricot Consulting which seeks to help organisations with their corporate social impact programs, social and environmental impact strategies and not for profit and social enterprise engagement and relationship management.

Apricot Consulting is a proud supporter of the RISE program. A collection of corporate consultants providing voluntary support to social enterprises adversely affected by Covid 19.


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