Doing good pays

It is well known that a sustainability strategy can provide an organisation with a strong competitive advantage. Consumer expectations, government regulations and investor pressure have resulted in organisations having to rethink the way they do business. However, many sustainability strategies fail to reach their full potential, as the impact generated is generally difficult to measure, often meaning the ROI remains unclear. Sustainability strategies can also easily lose momentum from poor stakeholder management and accountability to KPIs.

At Apricot Consulting we work with our clients to help them determine the activity they should engage with to decrease their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks and maximise opportunities to contribute societal value whilst experiencing enhanced business outcomes, ensuring the impact is sustainable and scalable.

By doing so your organisation in return will receive a competitive advantage through:

  • Company Brand Enhancement

  • Staff & Business Engagement

  • Access to New Market Opportunities & Product/ Service Development and Innovation

  • Enhanced operational efficiency

We can help you build a sustainable corporate social impact program that affects positive societal change and maximises commercial impact.

Our Service Offering
Business Case
  • Comprehensive analysis of ROIs related to the four business benefit areas 

  • Company Brand Enhancement

  • Staff & Business Engagement

  • Access to New Market Opportunities & Product/ Service Development

  • Enhanced operational efficiency

CSI Strategy
  • Strategy workshop to scope the CSI resource, activities and outcomes

  • Risk and opportunities analyse of the proposed program strategy

  • Program roadmap established

  • Activity tracking and data collection established

Healthy Partnerships
  • Market scan and options analysis based on an 11 point compatibility framework for partner identification.

  • Synergy in the value chain evaluated.

  • ROI measures to determine win/win outcome is established.

  • Assessment of partner business health commitment utilising Apricots Health Index (AHI)

  • Values alignment

Insights & Expansion
  • Measure KPI performance of partnership to monitor and improve the success of the Shared Value partnership in an ongoing basis.

  • Tell the story of success commercially and socially utilising our comprehensive internal and external communications strategy framework.

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Head of Corporate Social Impact

James McHugh is a qualified social worker and is currently completing a Master of Social Impact at Swinburne University.


He leads the corporate social impact department of Apricot Consulting which seeks to help organisations with their corporate social impact programs, social and environmental impact strategies and not for profit and social enterprise engagement and relationship management.

Apricot Consulting is a proud supporter of the RISE program. A collection of corporate consultants providing voluntary support to social enterprises adversely affected by Covid 19.


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