Investing in Female Leadership for the future

Sheryl Sandberg once quoted, “I want every little girl who is told she’s bossy to be told instead that she has leadership skills.” This is the modern female leadership dilemma: what is wrong with a bossy female? Let’s not forget to mention dealing with imposter syndrome.

As emerging female leaders progress into critical leadership roles, the challenges still continue to exist in some shape or form.

In 2019, females held just 6% of ASX 200 CEO roles. How can we better support and enable females to progress to more senior roles?

We are already seeing clear evidence that females excel when they are engaged in a formal coaching relationship.  We are finding female-to-female coaching is reaping benefits for the coachee with mutual understanding and a connection that benefits the coachee’s development. This is experienced through the direct ability to connect and empathise with challenges faced by females in the workplace. Helping women grow into leadership ranks is benefitted when they are strategically guided by coaches who can walk alongside them in their journey.  Apricot’s unique coaching model identifies four quadrants: Relational, Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual, which ensures that your whole self is considered and allows health and wellbeing to be at the forefront of your leadership.

More interesting is that as we conducted market research, finding statistics and sources on the benefits of females coaching females is not easy to come by. Doing initial research into the topic yielded very few results. Are we paying so little attention to female leadership that it is not even on the radar? A search of a major business publication found 5 articles on the benefits and pitfalls of men coaching and mentoring female proteges, but nothing on female executives reaching to lift those following them. Or is the challenge that it’s a reverse pitfall to imply that females should only be coached by females, and miss out on the masculine traits that a male counterpart might offer – that insight into the mindset that is still typically dominated by the male perspective?

Either way, we are going to continue to champion the agenda with our fantastic Female Leaders and Coaches, having recently grown our female coaching practice.

We will leave you all some key takeaways and wisdom from Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In book:

  1. Don’t leave before you leave

  2. Sit at the table

  3. Seek and speak your truth


At Apricot Consulting, we value the diversity and expertise of our female team and believe in investing in female leaders of the future. If you would like to understand more about our coaching services, please contact Avril at the details below.

Avril Gaughan | Head of Change and Consumer Behaviour


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