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Organisations reflect their leadership. With dysfunctional leaders, comes a dysfunctional team. Good leadership is the ability to influence, motivate and empower others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of an organisation.

At Apricot Consulting, our consultants have a wealth of experience and tools to work with leaders at all levels to ensure their people are not only highly engaged but the best version of themselves.

Our training programs facilitated for senior leadership teams include in-person workshops, off-sites, virtual programs and learning. We also facilitate strategy and innovation sessions to support leaders as they navigate business changes and challenges.

Our Services​
  • We facilitate and deliver leadership development programs which is centered on developing the core soft skills of the leader, the skills required to effectively lead a team and the key skills to lead the organisation

  • We also facilitate virtual training programs, which often includes workshops, off-sites or remote online training, webinars, and more in order to create an engaging and interesting experience

  • We facilitate strategy and innovation sessions to support leaders as they navigate business challenges

Leading self

All good leadership starts within. This is the anchor from which the whole- person is grounded, and the introspective journey is vital to healthy growth. By gaining a better understanding of yourself: strengths, weaknesses, styles, motivations and core leadership values, we are able to develop greater personal awareness for the multitude of environments in which we must operate.

Leading others

Leadership is ultimately about relationships. Operating from a place of trust, and mutual respect, leaders are able to strengthen skills in team building, effective communication, creating purpose, clarity and alignment and effectively manage conflict. This allows leaders to better connect with colleagues at all levels of the organisational hierarchy.

Leading beyond

Developing collaborative teams, while establishing shared vision and mission is key to helping leaders reach the next level of performance. Impacting organisational culture, change management and innovation will enable a leader to direct and grow an organisation to achieve its maximum potential.


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