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Executive coaching creates purposeful and intentional space for leaders to reflect, manage uncertainty and complexity, and explore solutions with Apricot’s unique coaching model. Coaching is a form of development where an experienced Coach works with a Coachee to develop their performance to achieve team and business goals. The areas of focus for development during the coaching sessions include input from position descriptions, the coachee self-assessment using Apricot's leadership diagnostic, and feedback from the Manager.

Apricot also uses a 360° assessment survey mapped to the 7 key areas of health that can also provide insights and development areas for coaches to apply.

Our coaching will be successful if we achieve outcomes that are set out from the beginning of the coaching term for the Coachee and their Manager. We use contextual circumstances of each leader to shape the discussion and tailored leadership topics as part of the coaching sessions to ensure learnings are applied practically at work.

Our holistic approach covers all potential impacts on business decisions:

  • Relational (Social)

  • Spiritual (Purpose and meaning)

  • Physical (Physical health and well being)

  • Intellect (Emotional)

Between the Coach and the Executive, a trusted and impartial relationship is formed where we explore solutions to some of the largest problems facing your business and life in general. We adapt our guided conversation depending on your business goals. 

Hear from a valued client's executive coaching experience: "I have worked with Derek for over 15 years. Derek is without question honest and trustworthy. He is thought-provoking and has stimulated action-oriented outcomes from my work and life’s occasionally complex challenges. Derek brings a new dimension to discussions, which drive new idea’s that are not possible in normal business discussions."

You'll also join us as a part of the Apricot community, with exclusive invites to attend workshops and special events hosted by our clients. 

Why is coaching required?
  • It improves performance and productivity, enabling staff to more effectively conduct their role and progress to take on further responsibility

  • Enables the achievement of team and organisational goals

  • Improve team engagement and morale leading to improved staff motivation and capability

  • Assists the development of the team during COVID-19

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