Apricot Health Index

Creating real change through data-driven interventions
Data-driven interventions

The AHI is based on the seven key areas of organisational health;

  1. Meaning

  2. Relationship

  3. Leadership

  4. Creativity

  5. Agility

  6. Decision-making

  7. Delivery

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Our products generate an action plan rather than data, and gives you access to our coaches, leadership development team and change managers to put findings, insights and changes into practice

Apricot Health Index - Three Areas
Individuals -
360 Assessment

1 participant

A unique and holistic 360 assessment, either used in isolation, or to inform targeted, efficient and cost-effective coaching programs 

Address areas of development through our suite of coaching modules.

Teams -
Group Assessment

2 - 30 participants

Understand and act on the data behind your team dynamics. 

Create and action highly-bespoke team training, workshops and development with our facilitators. 

Organisations - 
Sentiment Analysis


Scalable sentiment analysis for your entire organisation or large cohorts. 

Create an organisational culture change strategy or bespoke leadership development program based on data, alongside our expert team.