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We're Apricot Consulting

Apricot is a global consulting firm that builds the health of leaders, teams, organisations, and the broader community

Looking to enhance your business health and performance?


We're Apricot Consulting, Australia's leading organisational health consulting firm. We have a grand purpose and it is to make the world a better place.


We were founded in 2003 when our Founder identified the need for organisations to focus more intentionally on the human side of business. This belief has been reaffirmed by our years of experience in leadership training, executive coaching, culture change, change management, corporate social responsibility programs, and digital transformation.


Our unique methodology and data driven toolkits based on 7 key areas of health underpin and integrate all our services to ensure that businesses achieve an improvement in social and commercial outcomes. 

Our team is comprised of highly-knowledgable and skilled consultants with years of experience within organisational health transformation and our service advisory, strategy and management are unlike anything you've seen in the market.

Here you'll discover our services, Apricot's Insights and our Inside Healthy Teams podcast! Please feel free to reach out with any questions by contacting us here.


Our Approach

Apricot Consulting, leaning on more than 20 years in our global work with executives, teams and organisations, explored what makes workplaces healthy. We determined in our extensive consultation and research that success in the following 7 areas drive the health of leaders, teams, organisations, and the broader community: 


Meaning, Relationship, Leadership, Creativity, Agility, Decision Making and Delivery.


These 7 areas make up the Apricot Health Index, and they underpin all the services that Apricot offers.

Apricot Health Index

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Our Services


Personalised one-to-one coaching sessions based on the best practice Apricot Coaching model. Our Coaches have over 20 years of experience to focus on your leadership growth and development.


Apricot Consulting uses a variety of different learning solutions with engaging and adaptable group workshops and e-learning to build the capabilities of your leaders to meet business goals and priorities.

Corporate Social Impact

Social procurement is here to stay. Our Corporate Social Impact programs achieve sustainable social and business outcomes. We provide end to end support to ensure goals and ROI are achieved.

Digital HR 

Navigate digital Human Resource management tools to automate HR low value activities and enable HR to focus on important strategic business priorities that enhance productivity.

Change Management & Culture Change

We partner with organisations to assist them to achieve change and meet strategic business priorities.  We support individuals and organisations on the change journey, building motivation and capability, to embed change.

What people say


Executive Coaching

I have worked with Apricot for a number of years and have gained significantly from this in terms of insight, thoughtfulness and a much broader perspective.  He steps outside the corporate view to ensure issues are considered in their totality.  Discussing (debating) ideas in coaching, always brings out new perspectives, opportunities and insights not previously contemplated.  Apricot creates a challenging, but solution focused environment that leads to better decisions.   I have benefitted from that both professionally and personally.


Change Management & Culture Change

With COVID-19 disrupting most businesses we have seen that the investment into Apricot Consulting has given us confidence in our ability as an organization to adapt to distributed working models and continue to work effectively together.


This investment will go a long way to ensure our sustainability into the next decade.


Corporate Social Impact

Apricot Consulting plays a central anchoring role in the shared value relationship between Ability Works, Transurban, and The Aurecon Group. Outcomes for Ability Works as a result of the shared value relationship has been pro bono quality strategic input with the subsequent development of a new business unit creating work for our employees, strategic marketing input, leadership training and additional revenue from introductions to new customers.


Executive Coaching

I have worked with Derek, Apricot's Chairman, for over 15 years. Derek is without question honest and trustworthy. He is thought-provoking and has stimulated action-oriented outcomes from my work and life’s occasionally complex challenges. Derek brings a new dimension to discussions, which drive new idea’s that are not possible in normal business discussions.

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